At Patterson Visual Arts we are pleased to be able to offer unpaid Internships to those wanting to gain experience from being part of a working photography studio.  We offer two types of internships, a part time and a full time.  The part time internship is perfect for students or other individuals with limited time to commit but still wanting to be involved and learn or refine a particular skill.  Our full time internship is perfect for those who want to totally immerse themselves in a working studio and learn what it takes to run a studio and also to learn specific skills that you can then take away and apply to your own situation.


Our Internship program is very exclusive with only select individuals being hand picked each year.  We are looking for individuals who are outgoing, motivated and desiring to learn.  If you are a looking for a unique opportunity to build your skills and put them to the test in a welcoming, encouraging and professional environment, this may be the place for you.  Please fill out an application and lets begin to explore your future.


As an Intern with Patterson Visual Arts, your responsibilities will be tailored to your particular area(s) of need or interest.  At the start of your Internship, you will meet with our company representative to discuss your needs and goals and to help you set up your program.  You will also meet regularly with our representative to train you, answer your questions, assign projects, evaluate your progress and help you achieve those goals.


To help you be successful as our Intern we will provide you with training and other resources as needed.  Our internship programs typically follow the school calendar starting in September.  Our part time interns average 3-12 hours per week and usually have a particular area of interest or skill they want to work on.  However, they are also involved in numerous other projects on an as needed basis as well to give them a more rounded picture of the entire operation.  Our full time interns average 30-40 hours per week and are fully involved in all aspects of the studio.  They may also choose to concentrate their training in specific areas of need or interest.  To be effective, we suggest a minimum commitment of 3 months with 6-12 months being optimal to get a better understanding of the studio cycles.  We will however work with your schedule and help you establish a program that best meets your needs.


If this exclusive opportunity excites you and you believe you would make a great Intern with Patterson Visual Arts, click the link below to fill out and submit the on-line application.  Once we receive your application, we will send you more detailed information and contact you for further discussion and if we feel that our internship program will benefit you, we will set up an interview.


Click the link below to fill out and submit your application.  We look forward to hearing from you.





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