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Patterson Visual Arts is a Lodi California based boutique photo studio specializing in High School Seniors, Portraits and Lifestyle photography.


Photos help us to document the special moments in our lives.  At Patterson Visual Arts, this starts with making your photo shoot an experience to remember and providing you with lasting images that allow you to express your individuality and personality with creativity and style.  As part of this philosophy, we strive to provide you with the best possible service and the highest quality products, an amazing experience and photos you'll love.


Take a look around our site.  Enjoy the images and please contact us with any questions and to book your photo session.


About Dale


Dale is a photographer and videographer based in Lodi, California.  His foray into photography started as a boy when his father gave him an old Brownie Reflex Synchro Camera made by Eastman Kodak.


As he documented the events of his young life on the prairies of western Canada, his love for imagery took hold and grew.  This passion continued to grow and expand into other areas of the arts including music, drama and video.


In college, Dale met his lovely wife as they sang together on a small college sponsored touring singing team.  They still sing together when they can at their local church.


Drama was soon added to the mix as Dale began acting in live stage productions and it wasn't long before he was writing, directing and producing as well.  This "bug" also has it's teeth sunk deep, as Dale continues to act and be involved in production.


Shooting, producing and editing video came next and was a natural addition to Dale's arsenal and continues to be a real joy and opportunity for creative expression.


All of these endeavors help Dale bring creativity, drama and expression to his photography.


Dale has been privileged to do fashion shoots in a number of European cities and has had the unique opportunity in the summers of 2012 and 2014 to use his creative abilities to serve others overseas as well.  He served as part of two 17 member mission teams that planned and ran youth camps for teens in Romania.  Part of his responsibilities were to teach, photograph and to film and edit daily videos.  These were great experiences that he will never forget and he is eagerly anticipating his next opportunity.


Faith is a very important part of Dale's life as well.  He loves God and serves him through regular involvement in his local church and whatever other opportunities God brings his way.


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